5 Ways to Do Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping for Less

After droppin’ serious cash on holiday outfits and trips to the salon for the perfect Christmas style, there’s still a few more things left to do for you procrastinators — buy gifts for family and friends. What’s a girl with a small amount of time  — and an even smaller budget — to do? Take a look at these tips, so you can spread some cheer while stretching your dollar.

5. Get a side hustle by charging for your talents.  Are you beast at drawing? Start making and selling unique holiday cards to your friends and family.  Know how to do a bomb press and curl or lovely twists? Ask family members and friends to let you style their ‘do for church, a party, or wherever they’re off to.

4.Get creative with handmade gifts. There are tons of tutorials online for DIY gifts that would suit the girliest of girly girls and the most serious of tech addicts. Check out YouTube, Pinterest, or Craftbits.com for a plethora of ideas.

3. Remember that gifts don’t always have to be tangible. A great present could also be making dinner for your grandparents, spending a whole day of bonding with that friend you haven’t seen in a while, or running errands for a stressed parent.

2. Shop after the holidays. Sales are in full blast beginning the day after Christmas, as stores are eager to sell unsold merchandise and cash in on all those gifts cards. This makes for the perfect time to grab great gifts for less and get a jump-start on next year!

1. Play Secret Santa. Instead of buying separate presents for everyone you know, have them all write their names and something they want for Christmas on a piece of paper. Then, take turns picking a name from a hat, and you’ll only have to focus on scoring the perfect gift for one person! Secret Santa is an excellent way to make sure no one is forgotten, and by setting price limits for the game, you also ensure you don’t blow all your cash.

How do you save money during the holidays? Comment below!


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