15 Ways to Move On to the Next


Breakups are hard — and getting over your ex is even harder.

But instead of obsessing over all the what’s and why’s of how your relationship ended, give it one last cry and then get ready to chuck up those deuces!

15. Say goodbye by packing away of all the pictures, first date souvenirs, and other memorabilia of your relationship. The longer you keep them around, the longer it’ll take to get over him.

14. Start a new life full of hobbies,  people, and memories that have no connection to your ex. 

13. Don’t be a stalker by creeping on their Facebook page or milking mutual friends for information. You are not being sly with it, your ex will find out, and you don’t want to give him that much power over your feelings.

12. Distract yourself  by investing your extra free time into schoolwork, friends, and new projects.

11. Cut all ties by deleting his contact info and avoiding “just friends” outings. Sound drastic? Maybe, but it will definitely keep you from calling him in a moment of weakness. If you really do plan on staying friends, give yourself a few weeks (or months) of space before allowing him (limited!) access to your life again.

10. Don’t make it awkward when you run into each other in public.  If you make a mad dash for the exit or suddenly go deaf and blind every time you see your ex, other prospects will take notice and stay far, far away.



9. Get revenge by getting gorgeous. Post- breakup makeovers are the best. With one new hairdo or one fierce outfit, your confidence will soar and everyone — your ex included — will take notice.

8. Cherish your time alone to do the things you couldn’t do when you were all boo’d up. Hit up that dance club Mr. No Rhythm hated or watch all the romcoms you want with your girls.

7. Remember the issues that caused your relationship to fail in the first place. Before indulging your urge to kiss and make up for the 10th time, think about all the problems that person brought into your life and how much happier you are without that drama.

6.  Make a list of things you absolutely want and things you absolutely won’t stand for in a boyfriend. If your ex possesses more of the negative qualities, you know the separation isn’t a mistake.

5. Find support from your best friends and family members.  Cry on their shoulders and delight in the fact that they’re always up for an ex-venting session.



4. Prove him wrong. Remember when he said that you’d never find someone as good as him? Let it be your motivation to do just that — and anything else he didn’t believe you could do. 

3. Remind yourself that you deserve better and are fly enough to get better.

2. Go out on a solo date and do everything and anything you want to do. Relationships are all about sacrifice, so enjoy your single time by being a bit selfish.

1. Go out on a date with someone new. Whether it’s the start of something serious or just for fun, jumping back into the dating scene is the best way to get over… oh wait, what’s his name again?


Can we get an amen? How did you get over your exes? Was it hard to do? 

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