How to Balance School and Work While in College

By now, you’ve designed the perfect dorm room, figured out a beauty routine, and aced your first assignments. Learning how to keep your pockets full, however, hasn’t been as easy. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Check out the tips below and you’ll see how balancing your studies and a side-hustle can work for you.

Search Wisely

Look for a job that won’t distract you from your number one priority: school. A part-time job, that’s close to campus, willing to work with your changing class schedule, and not too overwhelming would be ideal. There will be plenty of time for more challenging work and dream internships during school breaks.

Sesi’s Tip: Search for jobs on your campus — cafés, libraries, mail rooms, research departments, and offices. You could even apply to be an RA in a dorm. Not only could you make some extra cash and get your room and board fees waived, but this position can also come with significant tuition deductions.

Be Professional & Prepared

 Your inexperience won’t stop employers from holding you to the same standards as their seasoned applicants. Even though you may be new to the work game, you’ll be expected to show up to the interview on time, dressed in business attire. (That means it’s time to dig out the church shoes and invest in some collared shirts.) Researching the company beforehand, speaking clearly, and answering questions confidently will impress your interviewers, and prove that you’re responsible enough to handle the job.

Sesi’s Tip: Set up an appointment with your school’s career center to revise your résumé and cultivate your interviewing skills. You’ll build up your self-confidence, and learn the best ways to showcase your skills — including those you didn’t even know you had.

Plan & Prioritize

The hardest thing about working and studying simultaneously is finding the time to do it all. But, it’s not impossible. Keep track of your schedule — on paper, on your cell phone, or on your computer — and write down your work hours and homework assignments, as well as study session and exam dates. Setting up weekly reminders can help make sure you don’t forget anything.  Staying organized will help you focus on getting things done, rather than worry about squeezing in lots of last-minute surprises.

Sesi’s Tip: Don’t forget to leave time for fun and relaxation, too!

Be Committed

The hard work isn’t over after you get the job. If you don’t follow through with the skills and positive attitude you bragged about during the interview, you’ll find yourself unemployed. Again. Always show up willing and ready to work. The same effort can  be applied to your schoolwork — show up for class on time, turn in assignments on time, and actively participate in your education.

Sesi’s  Tip: It may not always seem that way now, but one day, all your hard work and dedication will pay off. To get through the tough times, remember that you’re working toward that glorious day.

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