Beauty Resolutions for the New School Year (from Girls Like You): Part 1

You may have traded in long days of freedom for long nights of studying, but with the new semester also comes the chance to create a new you.  Check out these tips our expert Kim Whitea celebrity makeup artist and creator of, gave to real girls like you, and make your own new school year beauty resolutions a  reality.

Makeup Resolutions

Ayannah, 14: “I will build the perfect makeup kit.”

Stock a makeup bag with essentials, such as a great mascara and powder or foundation, which can help even out skin tone.

Recommended Products: Covergirl Queen Collection foundation and Covergirl Lash Blast mascara.

Charlese, 14 : “I want to master liquid eyeliner and learn to make the perfect cat eye.”

Line the lash line (with a pencil liner first, so it’s easier to fix any mistakes) and wing out the edge, making sure to curve it upwards. Tapering the line along the way can help to avoid a thick, overpowering effect. Think you’ll have trouble making a straight line? Place the edge of a credit card against your lash line and use it to trace the outline. Once satisfied, retrace the line with liquid liner.

Recommended Products: NYX’S Super Fat Eye Marker & Jumbo Eye Pencil

Imani, 14: “I will find a skincare routine that gets rid of my pimples.”

If acne is a serious problem, first try a visit to the dermatologist. It’s not unusual for acne to be caused by pesky hormones, so there might be little to do to remedy the problem from the outside. Don’t be over aggressive with skin products, and always remember to wash your face with a cleansing agent after waking up and before going to bed.

Recommended Products: Proactive Three-Step System or Simple brand facial wash

More Tips from Kim:

  • Watch beauty gurus on Youtube give how-to tutorials.
  • Use highly pigmented colors, as they tend to look best on darker skin tones.
  • Remember that the best makeup look for you is whatever makes you feel comfortable.

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