How You Can Fight for Democracy This Election Year, No Matter How Old You Are

This article originally appeared in Sesi’s Summer 2020 issue. Subscribe here to stay up on our current editions. Since 45’s election nearly four years ago, our country has experienced an increase in racism, hate crimes, and injustices. We are met with a constant barrage of videos displaying police brutality, “Karen-ing,” and other examples of discrimination […]

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Here’s How Your Fave Celebs are #GOTV This Election Day

Election Day is FINALLY here! No doubt your timeline has been lit since dawn with voting selfies of you, your friends, and your fam. Just as #woke as you and your crew? Your fave celebs — and they’re flooding social media with photos and calls to vote, too. Peep their post-poll pics — and their […]

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Celebs, Yo

Yara Shahidi at the DNC is #Goals

Last night at the Democratic National Convention in Philly, Hillary Clinton officially accepted the nomination for President of the United States. But earlier in the day, more history was being made in the very same place. Our former cover girl (and activist and star of black-ish), Yara Shahidi, had the amazing opportunity to interview Rep. […]

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