The Carefree Black Girl’s Fall Bucket List

Maple pecan coffee, pumpkin spice everything, fly fall ‘fits, football games, and fairs — fall has finally come through, and we are living for it. Sure, school is in full swing, but don’t forget to balance hard work with well-deserved play. In celebration of the little things, here’s a bucket list to make sure your […]

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Black Girls Rock

What Does it Really Mean to be a #CarefreeBlackGirl?

By Kennadi Harris I used to believe that being Black and proud or “down for the cause” required a few things: You had to go natural, live Erykah Badu lyrics, and not listen to “oversexualized” artists, such as Nicki Minaj or Rihanna. (Please forgive my past self. I love them now.)Now, I know that there […]

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Celebs, Ya' Heard?

FLOTUS Flows Part II: Carpool Karaoke Edition

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Carpool Karaoke episode was just the carefree Black girl magic we all needed. We already knew she could flow, so when she told host James Corden to “crank it up” because she’d only been able to “rock out” in the front passenger’s seat of a car once in the almost eight […]

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