Scorpio Szn Has Entered the Chat

By ShawtyAstrology | Illustration by Ryan Oakley The vibe? Rebirth, transformation, and change. And with all that typically comes even more feelings, especially when this particular period is giving eclipse on eclipse — the first on October 25 directly in Scorpio and the second on November 8 in Taurus. Playing a major role in our […]

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Cover Stars

Paper Girls’ Camryn Jones is Our Fall ’22 Cover Girl

In Amazon Prime’s original series Paper Girls, 15-year-old Camryn Jones plays accidental time traveler Tiffany Quilkin, who btw, comes all the way through for the Black girls in S.T.E.M. Here, she spills the tea on set life secrets, off-screen vibes, and the one decade she’d travel back to if ever given the chance.

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Beauty & Fashion

Ooop! Oiling Your Scalp May Not Be Necessary After All

But don’t rule out oils completely. Our panel of experts is comin’ through with the scoop on when oiling your scalp can be beneficial and when things can go left. By Anissa Gabbara Coconut oil. Argan oil. Shea butter. A growth oil blend. Whatever it is, you’ve used it on the regular when oiling your […]

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