Sy’rai Just Dropped the Music Video for “On My Own”

Kickin’ off Black Music Month early, and we love to see it.

By Andréa Butler

Going by only one name (as icons do), Brandy’s daughter Sy’rai just dropped the official music video for her debut single “On My Own,” which released earlier this month.

Co-written by Sy’rai and Eric Bellinger, “On My Own” appears to be a deeply personal track. Clocking in at 2:47, it explores the 20-year-old’s continuing journey of finding herself (rather than being who everyone assumes she is), taking her time to experience all life has to offer, and uncovering her hopes of the future. Very apropos, the video opens with Sy’rai driving down an empty freeway, surrounded by the bright greens of palm trees and lush mountainsides, as she sings:

Yeah, yeah, I’m on it/Don’t blame me, I got it/
Since I was a baby/I leveled up daily/
Yeah, oh/And I’m still growin’/
Tryna sieze every moment now

By the time that chorus hits, Sy’rai has scooped her friends and it’s a whole vibe. The upbeat bass playing underneath her effortless vocals is heavy on the 90s R&B, and her mom’s influence is clear. What’s also clear? Sy’rai is well aware of her family’s roots in the industry and is here to show everyone it’s her turn — without expecting people to hand her awards, accolades, and favors just because she’s Brandy’s daughter. She sings:

I’m still coming into my own/And I’ll be doing it on my own/
Still gettin’ better/I’m puttin’ it together/
Immune to the pressure

Throughout the video, Sy’rai is also seen jammin’ in front of a silver mic and rockin’ colorful ‘fits against backdrops of pinks and blues, adding to the overall happiness exuding from every note of this bop. We predict this’ll be in heavy rotation on summer playlists, and as for a lasting family legacy, like she said, she’s on it.

Main Image: Instagram/@syraismith


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