Paper Girls’ Camryn Jones is Our Fall ’22 Cover Girl

By Andréa Butler

In Amazon Prime’s original series Paper Girls, 15-year-old Camryn Jones plays accidental time traveler Tiffany Quilkin, who btw, comes all the way through for the Black girls in S.T.E.M. Here, she spills the tea on set life secrets, off-screen vibes, and the one decade she’d travel back to if ever given the chance.

Peep her cover and read an excerpt of her story below:

When Paper Girls dropped on Amazon Prime at the end of July, Camryn Jones was at dance camp.

Sure, she’d attended red carpet events, given dozens of interviews, and appeared on a panel at Comic-Con (more on that later) to promote the show, but after all that, Camryn returned home to Texas to slide back into her regular life. In fact, on our Zoom in mid-August, Camryn tells me she’s got to perform at a pep rally later that day. Ya’ girl is a sophomore in high school now and a member of the drill team, which not only gets down in the stands to hype the crowd during football games but also puts on the halftime show.

In this dichotomy that is her life, Camryn is thuh-riving, OK?

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Paper Girls star Camryn Jones posing with folded arms on red background. Her hair is in a bun with two tendrils, one down each side of her face. She's wearing a yellow and red plaid sweater vest and jeans.

Photographed by Irvin Rivera, Assisted by Mio Asuma
Hair and Makeup by Berenz Castro
Cover design by Jamie Yu

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