“Grown-ish” Recap S4, Ep 1: We Do, You Do … I Do?

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By Andréa Butler

#SeniorSzn on deck!

But before we get into that last round of classes, finals, and friend drama, we meet up with the squad in #Mexico on summer vacay. Poolside, newly boo’d up Zoey is rockin’ a ka-yute hot pink, one-shoulder swimsuit with a peek-a-boo belly, complete with matching headband and floral cover-up. Launching into her first voiceover of the premiere, she tells us she is living her best rom-com moment life rn. You know, the part in the story where the two characters you’ve been shipping from jump finally get together fr fr.

Upon that mention, Aaron (AKA “Ar-Bear”), in a bright yellow top and Hawaiian-style shorts, dramatically plops down in the lounge chair next to her and they kiss. “That’s right. We are officially baes now,” Zo says. “Two weeks and going strong.” (Obvi, a montage of their on-again, off-again romance ensues.)

Snap back to reality, and incoming is a text from Nomi saying she’s arrived on the scene — and we find out real quick it’s not just her but the entire crew (sans Sky who’s slaying at the Olympics in Tokyo). For real, tho. We just wanna know how a group of college kids can afford this vacation spot and roll up in black Escalades, no less (and if they can hook us up).

Anyway, Zoey says the plan is to do it big (“Grande, even”) before their last summer all together is over. She gathers her crew to cheers to the freakin’ weekend and explains she’s planned everything out.


Jazz, picking up the shade slack for Sky, puts it bluntly: “Yeah, no. We’re not really trying to be around you like that.” Everyone except Ar-Bear dips out, leaving Zoey all the way shook. “No me gusta this moment,” she says into the camera. Annnnd, roll theme song!

We meet the girls mid come-to-Jesus meeting, sitting around a table, umbrella drinks in hand. Jazz explains that the previous shade she just gave really wasn’t personal. On the Escalade ride over, the group had decided they didn’t all have to do all the things together all the time. But Zoey declares the whole you-do-you vibe is not how a “group weekend” works. Her girls decide to demonstrate that oh, yes, it can and it will, and leave out again.

Next, we briefly catch up with the guys kickin’ it by the pool. Vivek grabs a spot by Doug, who also wants to be left alone, and Luca’s on a floatie in the pool. And that’s basically it for them right now.

The crew comes back together later in the day for some drinks and conversation. But a game of “Most Likely To…” threatens to ruin the good time when Zoey pulls the card that reads, “Most likely to cheat.”


Insults get thrown, feelings get hurt, and people storm off. For the few left sitting, a mariachi band begins to play, and Vivek, acting like nothing just happened, goes up for his turn at the game.

Aaron finds Zoey sitting alone (this is becoming a pattern), and reminds her they haven’t been on an official first date yet. To cheer her up, he promises to take her out on the “best first date of her life” that night.

Meanwhile, ya’ boy Luca is working on cheering up Doug, who won’t admit it but is clearly feeling some type of way about his breakup with Jazz. Luca convinces Doug to join him and “two local baddies” out on the town to get his mind off everything.

As for Ana, the drama is just about to ramp up. In her hotel room, she’s got her boyfriend taking photos of her for the ‘gram, and when he’s done, he decides to hop in the shower — and Ana decides this is her chance to finally look through his texts and what not. And she gets caught.

Cut to Zoey and Aaron dancing, laughing, stealing piñatas, and grabbing snow cones. It’s legit an amazing date. Aaron jokes there’s no way they can top the whole stealing a piñata thing, and Zoey accepts the challenge, which was definitely not actually a challenge, but here we go.







All is not good with the other couple, though. The fallout from Ana’s snoop-and-see has reached peak levels. Ana packs her ish, tells her bf (ex-bf?) never to call her again, and bounces. In the suite’s main room, she runs into Nomi, who at first couldn’t care less about her apparent misfortune, re: the way harsh insult Ana threw Nomi’s way during the game. Ana apologizes for being so awful earlier, Nomi accepts, and comforts her with a hug.

We meet up again with Luca, Doug, and their dates in front of a house that Doug thinks is mad sketch. They go in anyway because of course they do.

Over on the beach, Zoey and Aaron are basking in newly wedded bliss, and then the cops arrive.

As for the fate of Doug and Luca? Turns out, the only thing sketch is them. Without knowing it, they ended up at a quinceañera. How will this all play out? Tune in next week.

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