This Black-Owned Line of Nude Lipsticks is Straight 🔥🔥🔥

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By Andréa Butler

Whoever started the rumor that lipstick is dead — because COVID and masks — lied. to. you.

On everything, the fact that we mask up whenever we step outside the house is even more reason to keep your lip shades stocked, especially when it comes to boosting your collection of nude lip colors. (Posting up in a cute but casual hue for virtual school is a legit fave.)

But, until recent years, finding the right nude lip shade for our diverse brown skin was a stru-ggle. Like our skin tones, our lips come in a gang of different, mostly darker pigments, which are often left out of the traditional “nude” definition. “Nudes can be tricky because … we  have varying degrees of color in our lips (e.g., darker edge and lighter in the middle or darker top lip and lighter bottom lip),” explains Washington D.C.-based makeup artist, Sondra Lewis.

Propa Beauty founder Victoria Fazio cosigns this. She got tired of having to buy several different colors in hopes that mixing the right two (or more) together would create something close to a neutral lippie that could #werk with her melanin, and she knew other Black girls and women were going through the same thing. “[With Propa Beauty] Never again will we have to say, ‘If only this shade was just a tiny bit darker, a tiny bit warmer, or a tiny bit redder, then it would be perfect for me,'” she explains on her site.

This first collection, #POWERPOUTS, is made up of 12 nude shades that range from chocolate-pink to pumpkin-orange to reddish-brown to taupe and everything in between. Vegan and paraben-free, their satiny finish glides on so smoothly, and it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing anything; they feel so weightless. Bonus: Lip liner is not even needed — these sticks have it all covered, all by themselves. Individual lip colors are $12 and a trio can be had for $36. Or, cop the entire collection for $119.

Need help finding the right shade for the right price? Conquer your quest for the perfect nude lipstick with these recs — just a few of our most-loved looks:

Her Magic

Our absolute go-to, this rosy-brown hue gives a boost to your natural lip color with a hint of shine and hella hydration.


You’ll heart this burgundy-ish, chocolate color that’s bomb on both dark skin tones and lighter skin tones.


A super subtle serving of pink and brown, this creamy shade delivers one of the most natural lip colors we’ve ever seen.


Layer your lips with this dark cocoa color to give your neutral vibe a dramatic twist.

Made It

We’re not even gon’ hold y’all: If you’ve been searching for a barely there tint with tones of orange, you can consider your search ended, fr fr, with this one.

Main Image: Julie Meme/Stocksy


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