These Black Women are Leading the Charge Against Insurrection

By Andréa Butler

Immediately following last Wednesday’s (January 6, 2021) domestic terror attack on the U.S. Capitol — and our very democracy — Black women began calling for the second impeachment of 45 and the swift expulsion of every member of Congress who helped incite this insurrection.

Joined by 200-plus co-sponsors, the impeachment resolutions were officially brought to the floor of the House at the 11 a.m. hour today, January 11, 2021. Trump is being charged with inciting an insurrection, as well as abuse of power related to his attempt to “find votes” in Georgia.

Meanwhile, several Republicans have been calling for “healing” and “unity” and “moving on.”

From an attempted coup, y’all. A COUP!

And you already know — many of their calls are merely veiled attempts at avoiding prosecution and conviction for their complicity in inciting the rebellion by perpetuating baseless claims of voter fraud and crying for their supporters to descend on the capital city.

Besides the two representatives shown above, other complicit members include Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, Nicole Malliotakis, and too many more to waste space listing here.

Even if every Republican didn’t specifically encourage violence or spread lies of voter fraud, the fact that some of them signed their names to a document begging the incoming administration to basically just forget what happened is highly suspect. They don’t care about actual healing because if they did, they’d push for accountability. They don’t care about actual unity because if they did, they’d unite with their colleagues and cosponsor the impeachment articles.

No matter. Black women get ish done, and those impeachment articles drawn up by Rep. Omar? Filed.

“When you attempt to overthrow our government, you will be held accountable,” Rep. Omar tweeted. “This is about preserving our Republic. We have a constitutional obligation to hold the president and his enablers accountable for this sedition.”

Next step: Expel every member of Congress who helped fund, incite, and otherwise aid and abet the insurrection, just as those who supported the Confederacy were expelled in their day.

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