Quick Tips for that Holiday Beauty Drip

In-person gatherings with the squad are a pandemic no-go, but virtual holiday parties? Dope. And with these tips from NYC-based MUA Jaleesa Jaikaran, you’ll be sure to glam things all the way up. 

By Anissa Gabbara

Prep Your Face

Before diving into the actual makeup portion of the night, refresh your skin with your go-to cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Then, apply a primer before putting on a light layer of foundation to make your look last longer.  To add some dimension, consider using a contour stick a couple shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Bring on the Sparkle

This szn, the eyes are what’s poppin’. Give your lids a tinsel-like glint by swiping on some shine from your fave palette, and then, get ready to mistle-glow. “Shimmery and foiled eye shadows in shades ranging from silver to blue have been trending along with eyeliners, specifically long-wearing options that come in varying textures and shades like glitter and matte,” says Jaikaran. Finish things off with mascara.

Be a Lil’ Extra 

And what’s a holiday look without a bomb lippie? Opt for bold colors like deep berry or matte red — obvi a holiday classic. But if you decide to play up your pout, Jaikaran advises keeping the eye shadow subtle. “While you can pair a bold lip with bold eyes,” she says, “if you’re doing a glittery eye, instead of opting for a glittery lip, I’d go for a solid color whether natural or bright.” Or, flex on ’em with an ombre surprise. Outline your lips with a deep red color, and finish with a taupe tint in the center of your lip.

Give All the Shades

Not quite sure how, tho? “A good way to approach pairing colors together is by referencing a color wheel,” says Jaikaran. A color wheel is just a circle of different colors at different areas that shows how each color is related to another. “[It] helps you understand how to harmonize colors when color correcting or choosing flattering eye shadow combinations.”

If a color wheel seems like it’s doing entirely too much for you rn, keep things simple, but still fire, with classic holiday pairings like red and green, charcoal and red, white and silver, or pink and red.

Main Image: Lightfield Studios/Adobe Stock

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