What to Listen to During Lockdown: A #QuarantinePlaylist

‘Cause music heals, y’all.

By Ava Marshall

With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, it can be hard to relax. From Black folks disproportionately dying of it to the intensity and frequency of the news, feelings of anxiety are definitely normal.

Trust, we feel you. Completely.

To help ease your stress and worry, we’re comin’ through with a #quarantineplaylist — a nice distraction for those much-needed “me-time” moments.

“Ease My Mind” by Arrested Development

This 1994 bop is the perfect song to start off this list. It mixes both mellow beats with smooth rap verses and makes for the ultimate vibe. Not to mention, the lyrics are the reassurance we all need as we try to remain calm amidst the chaos.

“Show Me Love” by Alicia Keys (feat. Miguel)

On everything, our new day-to-day can be difficult, but with the combined angelic tones of Miguel and Alicia Keys, you can take a minute to slow your thoughts, sit back, relax, and show ya’ self some love.

“Good As Hell” by Lizzo

Speaking about showing yourself some love, Queen Lizzo is here to give you a crash course on doing just that. This song is not only a soon-to-be classic, but it’ll also remind you nobody’s got you, like you got you.

“Holy” by Jamila Woods

Part of coping during this quarantine is waking up and focusing on your own mental health first. With all this time on your hands, don’t feel the need to cram your schedule trying to be productive. Jamila Woods sings to this point with sweet melodies that are both calming and reassuring letting you know that you — and just you — are enough.

“Stressed Out” by A Tribe Called Quest (feat. Faith Evans)

This ’90s jam by A Tribe Called Quest will have you head-bopping the stress right out of your mind. From the smooth rhymes of the verses to Faith Evan’s powerful chorus, your worries and anxieties are validated and soothed.

“What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye

Taking time to clear your mind is hard to do during times like these, especially as we are left with so many questions — like, “What’s Going On?” A soulful and raw song, we feel these lyrics deep inside.

“Slow Down” by Skip Marley (feat. H.E.R.)

Stress and anxiety can have your mind moving 100 miles per minute. Take some deep breaths and slow things down with this reggae-infused duet by Skip Marley and H.E.R.

“Run To the Sun” by N.E.R.D.

And I wish we could run to the sun. Same, N.E.R.D., same. But until it’s safe to kick it outside with our friends and family again, press play on this hopeful track.

“Wake Up Everybody” by Various Artists

This pandemic has stayed revealing more and more of our country’s flaws and fractures, but this ’04 throwback remake of the original 1975 hit reminds us to stay vigilant and work together to make sure when we return back to “normal” it’s a better “normal” that it was before.

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