7 Fire Songs for Hella Motivation This Semester

By Ava Marshall

As we transition from Hot Girl Summer to Hot Girl Semester, issa fact that we’re gonna need some reinforcements — and what’s better than a mood-boosting playlist? Here is #WhatWe’reListeningTo.

1. Motivation by Normani

Obviously. We are so here for ya’ girl’s entrance into the solo pop scene and more than ready to make space for her. This track has everything you need to get hype for that morning wake-up: vocals, instrumentation, a poppin’ beat, and big 00’s vibes. Brb, gonna go learn all those dance moves right quick.

2. Brown Skin Girl by Beyoncé (feat. Blue Ivy Carter)

Anything by Beyoncé is a vibe, but this song, in particular, has us ready to take on the world. We’re not only flexin’ our complexion, but we’re also dancing our way through the week and killin’ it in everything we do. (And anyway, who doesn’t love Blue with the feature?)

3. All For Us (From The HBO Original Series Euphoria) by Labrinth and Zendaya

This bop debuted as the last scene of Euphoria‘s first season finale and has been giving us all the feels from jump. (Btw, if you haven’t watched this series yet, get on it now. It’s legit epic.) Perfect for working through a stressful time, this song begs you to hit play and give yourself a moment.

4. Juice by Lizzo 

Whether you need the motivation to hit the gym or do your homework, or you’re just unwinding from the day by singing in the shower, Lizzo has a way of making you feel 100% that chick.

5. Extraordinary Being by Emelie Sandé

Y’all mind if we slow things down a bit? Throw this on when you need to remind yourself just how bomb you are and that nothing can stand in your way. The combo of each beat and lyric will see you ready to take on the day-to-day #unbothered.

6. Things I Imagined/Down with the Clique by Solange

Solange’s fusion of smooth rhythm and trap beats sets the perfect study time atmosphere. A good track to drop in the background while you’re imprinting facts, figures, and all that into your memory, it’ll help keep you calm and focused.

7. Who Knew by Chloe and Halle 

You already know this duo’s vocals are unmatched, so best believe we are vibing with one of their newest singles off the grown-ish soundtrack. Angelic and lit all at the same time, this song has us daydreaming about our own special someones (or those we want to be special someones) and is a great way to give any anxiety a dose of chill while getting ready for that next presentation or midterm exam.


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