5 Spring Break Tips That’ll Have Your Chill Mode on Lock

You’ve made it through the bulk of this year’s #schoolszn, and now, you’re hella ready for spring break, where the big mood will be doing what you want to do and doing it #unbothered. We get down with this list real heavy — peep our picks, and throw a few (or all) into your own relaxation rotation.

1. Post Up with a Book You Can’t Put Down

Photo courtesy of J.B. Vample

Five girls, four years, one campus. And those are just the basics of J.B. Vample’s fiction series, the College Life. Collect the whole set (the seventh book drops in April), and deep dive into the lives of Sidra, Chasity, Malajia, Alexandra, and Emily, as they navigate friendships, dating, and drama on top of regular ol’ school stress. Each book follows the squad throughout one semester of college and is the perfect companion for your week of beach-side lounging.

The College Life series by J.B. Vample, $14-$16, barnesandnoble.com

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2. Level Up Your Lounge Game

Photo courtesy of H&M

The key to achieving ultimate chill-mode status isn’t living in your pj’s 24-7 — it’s feeling like you’re living in your pj’s 24-7. Just throw a few maxi dresses in your getaway bag and comfy/cool/cozy will be on deck with everything you do, whether you’re stretched out in a hammock by the sea or strolling the streets of your vacation location.

Maxi Dress, $18, hm.com

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3. Do it For the Culture

No matter where you go, make a point to see what’s good on the art, music, theater, and food scene. Studies suggest viewing artwork, dancing it up a concert, and enjoying a meal with the fam or with friends can help you legit unwind. Peep the ballet while in the ATL, visit the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in D.C., or indulge in the fire foods New Orleans serves up, for example.

4. Unplug … For Real

Photo courtesy of Cards for All People

Of course you’ll want to chronicle your squad’s fun times on Insta and Snapchat, but to fully embrace this respite from homework, exams, and all that, you’re gonna want to put away the phone — just for a little while. Trust, it’s worth it. Set your cell to airplane mode for a couple hours, and in that time, bingewatch your faves or go old-school and pull out the board games. (Our go-tos? Black Card Revoked and Monopoly.)

Black Card Revoked, $16, cardsforallpeople.com

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5. Soak Up Some Self-Care

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

And we mean this literally. You’re on vacay and a rushed shower is just not the move. Instead, break out that aromatherapy bubble bath/body wash combo, fill your hotel tub with warm water, and lie back in amazement at how chill you really feel. (Who knew baths were so hittin’, right?)

Aromatherapy Body Wash/Bath Foam, $14, bathandbodyworks.com

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