Nia Sioux’s New Song is a Clapback to All the Haters

By Brianna Moné

A little more than a year after her hit “You Don’t Really Wanna,” Nia Sioux is back with another bomb track. Today (August 31), she dropped her latest single “FLXXN,” which she co-wrote with producer Cash Money, and it’s dedicated to all the ones who hated on and underestimated her.

“’FLXXN’ is a song that’s been a year in the making,” says Nia. “I started it when I just ended Dance Moms. It was definitely a transition period for me. A lot was happening, and I had a lot of haters and people in my life who were doubting me. They were saying that I wouldn’t do anything after Dance Moms and doubting that I would do anything at all.”

But at 17 years old, Nia has a whole lot left to do, and she’s not one to sit around and wait for an opportunity to maybe show up. She goes after hers. Besides launching a dope clothing line last year, Nia is also a cast member on The Bold and the Beautiful, and she has a blossoming music career.

She describes her newest song — her first with a rap feature (from Riddick) — as a perfect representation of what was going on in her life post-reality TV. “’FLXXN’ represents that I’m showing off my talents,” Nia says. “You’ll see me flexin’, but not in an arrogant way … It’s a confidence thing, and it’s to show resilience.”

The music video for “FLXXN” (it drops Wednesday, Sept. 5) takes place in a boxing gym and is a metaphor for rising above challenges and people who doubt you. “You get knocked out, and you don’t just stay there. You get back up and push through and fight,” Nia explains. “I’m very proud of it. I think everyone will love the video. It’s something that is really fun and really upbeat. I think it’s something that people will remember.”

Fans will definitely relate to her more mature sound, and she wants to make sure everyone knows they won’t have to wait a full year again before she drops another banger. “New music is coming very soon! I’m already working on new stuff,” she says. “I’m excited to be putting out new music for people to hear because I haven’t done that in a while. I’m excited to hear the feedback from it.”

And, a legit album might also be in the works.

“I’ve been wanting to make an album for a very long time, so that is a goal of mine,” says Nia. “I would love to do that very soon. You never know.”

Listen to Nia’s newest below:



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