Here’s How to Turn Those Resolutions Into Reality

By Kennadi Harris


“New year, who ‘dis?” Tbh, you don’t really know. Setting goals for that new new is great, but you don’t have to do a complete 180 overnight to reinvent yourself a little. Success and achievement are gradual, so if you’re looking to make a difference in 2018, you’ll need to take baby steps. Here’s how:

Resolution: Stack Those Coins
While easy in theory, when you see those new pair of kicks for 25% off, putting away that after-school job cash might get a little more difficult. Make saving a kind of challenge — you can even invite your crew to get in on it with you — and that can help make it easier and lightweight fun. Our fave? The 52-week money challenge, which gives you a set amount to save each week for the entire year. Week one starts off with saving a dollar, and by the last week, you’re putting away $52 for a grand total savings of $1,378 (as long as you don’t touch what you’ve stacked, obvi). Other options include 30- and 60-day challenges.

Schedule too packed for an after-school gig? Create your own side-hustle, and profit off one of your talents, such as baking, braiding hair, babysitting, or photography, just to name a few.

Resolution: Get Your Health Right
So, first things first: You have to love the body you’ve got. Some people are naturally thicker; some are naturally thin, and everyone needs to exercise. We know this, but after a few days of sweating that silk press out, it can be hard to stay motivated. To keep your #gymflow consistent, try mixing up your routine with outdoor hiking, Zumba, or yoga classes. In addition to your work out, throw deuces to processed foods and stay hydrated — either drink enough water each day; or, get your water intake through foods, such as strawberries, cucumbers, and soup. Apps like MyFitnessPal can help you keep that healthier lifestyle on deck.

Resolution: Stress Less
Not only can too much stress dim the shine of all that #BlackGirlMagic, it can also bring on headaches, make it harder to sleep, and lower your immune system. Ditch the drama wrecking shop on your system by reevaluating the people you kick it with on the regular, making sure you surround yourself with #goodvibesonly; taking up meditation with apps like Simple Habit or Headspace; or, if you like to write, put all your feelings on paper.

How are you making your resolutions reality this year?


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