“Grown-ish” Recap Episode 5: Zoey’s Status Goes Viral

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By Andréa Butler

And so we begin again. The crew is assembled at Titanium watching the game as Wu-Tang blares in the background: “Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M., get the money, dolla dolla bill y’aaaallll” — the first half of that chorus being this episode’s eponymous title. Our Cash is still on his A-game, ballin’ out of control, and scoring wins for Cal. U. We also learn that Zoey and Cash are officially boo’d up — and the social media haters are trolling hard, even calling Zoey out her name.

But the next day, instead of shutting said haters down with an epic clapback, or better yet, closing his comments and ignoring them completely, Cash decides to put Zoey’s virginity on blast! Talk about a display of no chill. To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin. What is wrong, though, is making someone’s private information public without their permission.


One hundred and thirty thousand views (and only about five minutes) later, Zoey storms into Cash’s room like, “WTH?!” Cash looks up from his video game, apologizes, admits what he did was stupid, and says he’s deleted the comment. Too little too late, though. #TheVirginZoey is already the number one trending topic (right above #Impeach — resistance, FTW!), and Zoey just can’t even right now, so she leaves as a crew of Cash’s boys come in.

Next, we see Nomi looking for Zoey back at the girls’ dorm. She’s probably trying to finally talk about that urgent text she sent Zoey near the end of episode four. Ana tells Nomi Zoey’s not there, but where she always is, “on the Mooney train,” so Nomi guilts Ana into listening to her problems. That’s when we find out Nomi broke things off with the guy she was dating because he’s bi … like she is … yeah …

Back in drones class, Zoey is still upset, but not sure what to do about it. Jazz, Sky, and Vivek tell her to kick dude to the curb. Aaron throws more shade. Nomi and Luca are randomly not in class that night. Zoey takes their advice and when she sees four missed calls from Cash and a text asking if they can talk, she replies, “Nope” and tells us she’s “cashing out.”

The next day, while Luca and Zoey are in their fashion design class, Zoey’s phone keeps blowin’ up with texts. She tells Luca that everyone keeps hittin’ her up about the whole Cash-tells-the-world-she’s-a-virgin thing. Luca, perpetually #unbothered, asks her again why she always cares about what other people think, and Zoey’s like because, duh, this situation is embarrassing. Comin’ through with that Luca Logic again, he reminds Zoey that most girls who date athletes have to deal with STDs and side chicks, so her trippin’ off something this little is extra. Zoey says that still doesn’t make what Cash did ok (we’re with you, Zoey), and Luca’s like, “There we go. Perfect Zoey running around worrying about what makes everything ‘ok.'” (We feel that, too, though.) Baby Basquiat goes on to tell Zoey that while she’s out here stressing over something small, her bae is going through some real family drama that’s playing out all over the news — Cash’s pops has been auctioning off all of Cash’s high school gear. (If only she had agreed to talk to him the night before. Maybe then, they could have discussed their situation fully, and she could have found out what’s been going on with him. Alas.)


Still mad, but feeling bad for not knowing what was happening with her bf’s family situation, Zoey tracks Cash down in a parking garage as he’s loading up to go somewhere. She asks if he’s ok, and he sarcastically replies, “Never been better,” and says he can’t deal with any social media drama right now because he has something else he’s got to handle. Zoey lets him know that he’s not off the hook and that she’s still mad, but tells him she’s coming along because it’s the right thing to do.

In the car, neither one of them speak to each other for awhile. Zoey looks into the camera and says that while she hates awkward silences, she’s beast at them. We flash back to the Johnson house, where high school Zoey is sitting on the couch, stonefaced, as Dre yells at her for missing curfew. Seven days later (still in the flashback), Zoey is in her same position, still not talking, and now, Dre is feeling guilty. He tries to talk to her, kiss her on the cheek, and ultimately hands over a wad of cash, you know, for her pocket change. Back in the car, the no talking continues, so Cash turns the radio up. Two can play this game, we see.

Several songs later, though, Cash finally breaks the silence streak by admitting that he shared Zoey’s virginity status on purpose. Why? It’s good for his brand. (Is that supposed to be an apology, ’cause …) Zoey is livid and demands that he stop the car — NOW. He pulls over, and Zoey hops out to call a Lyft, but Cash stops her, and we get way deeper insight into his story. He tells Zoey that what he meant by the whole “good for my brand” comment is that she’s the type of person on who’s level he’d like to be because she’s smart, pretty, and has been down with him from jump. He admits, though, that she also looks good on paper. He continues, telling her he never thought he could ever be with someone like her because of where he comes from — they’re heading to his house now to buy back his state championship ring from his dad before he sells it for drugs.


They get back in the car, and Zoey tells Cash she’s glad he stood up for her on social media, even though he went about it in the wrong way, and says he always makes her feel special. Getting even deeper in the feels, Zoey asks Cash if he’d want to be with her if she wasn’t a virgin, if she didn’t fit into his “brand.” He says he honestly doesn’t know. (This dude.) But when asked a similar question — would she be with him if he didn’t have a good chance at being the number one draft pick — she also says she doesn’t know. All this radical honesty is making us a little sad.

Meanwhile at V-Digital’s birthday party, which, to his disappointment, is pretty basic, Nomi tells Aaron about her breakup and he calls her out for her hypocrisy in true Aaron fashion.

Then, we’re back with Zoey and Cash as they pull up to Cash’s house, where his dad is outside drinking. Cash grabs an envelope full of, well, cash, and walks over to his dad who pushes him away. He hands his dad the money and gets back in the car, tears streaming down his face.

Back on campus, Nomi has apparently left Vivek’s lame party to give her ex David a better explanation of why she ended things. He, too, calls out her hypocrisy and says her problem is not with him being bisexual; her problem is with her own insecurity. And with that, he’s out.

Vivek’s party-ish takes a turn for the worse when Zoey shows up late. She apologizes for her tardiness, explaining that her day was cray. Not trying to hear it — or any Cash-related anything — her squad starts going in, calling him “clown,” “bum,” and promising her that he’s gonna drop her as soon as he gets to the NBA. (Ouch.)


But after the revealing night she just spent with Cash, Zoey’s not having any of it. She. Goes. Awf. She tells Jazz and Sky practically nobody makes a living off running track; she tells Ana to stop with her fake accent having self; and she comes for Aaron about always kickin’ it with freshmen when he’s an upperclassman. “Aren’t you older than us? Like, where are your friends?” she says.

Her crew apologizes to her, saying they’re just trying to have her back.  Zoey lets them know that they don’t know anything about Cash — she didn’t even, until that night. After wishing Vivek a happy birthday, Zoey heads out.

She ends up at Cash’s dorm and finds him leaving out, too, looking for her. He starts off telling her that despite what was said that night, he wanted to make sure she knows that he’s with her because he really wants to be — not because of the whole virgin thing. Zoey says she’s not only into him because he’s a baller. Beautiful, mushy, romance ensues and they kiss.

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