Nia Sioux Just Dropped the Music Video for Her Newest Single “Just Rock”

Less than one week after the two-year anniversary of her very first single ever (‘Star In Your Own Life‘), Dance Moms‘s Nia Sioux is back at it again with a brand-new track that will legit have you like:


And that’s exactly what Nia wants.

“I love ‘Just Rock,’ she tells Sesi about her latest single and music video, which dropped today (May 4). “It’s a song that you can just dance to. It has that kinda like Ciara/Janet Jackson/old school theme. Comfort [Fedoke] from So You Think You Can Dance actually choreographed and directed the video, and I’m really excited about that.”

Set at a high school dance and filled with a few Dance Moms cameos, the “Just Rock” music video is all about embracing your individuality (“Don’t worry ’bout/who’s in the crowd/We’re in the spotlight/let’s show out”) but also coming together to have fun. “Girls and boys don’t dance together anymore,” Nia says. “They dance next to each other, around each other … [this song] is really about dancing together.”

Drum heavy from jump, the verses introduce Nia and her love interest to each other and lead up to the ultimate dance party. Oh, and that chorus? It kills. With lyrics like, “You wanna be bae? Play by the rules” and “Follow my lead, boy keep up, don’t kill the mood” all set to a smooth, melodic beat, you can’t help but automatically start to lean with it and rock (yeah, yeah) with it all the way through.

“The song was actually created a couple years ago when I first started singing,” Nia says. “I waited on it because I wasn’t sure if it was the right time to put it out yet. I actually went back in the recording studio and re-recorded it because, you know, I got older. I was like, ‘I’m gonna do this song, and do a video for it, and release it.’ I’m totally in love with it now.”

We are, too. Excuse us while we go’n ahead and dance ’til we can’t dance no more…

Download Nia’s new single “Just Rock” here or here.


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