4 Instagram-Worthy Promposals That Will Have You All in Your Feelings

By Ayanna Thompson

Prom season is in full effect. In fact, National Promposal Day (yes, it’s a real thing) was March 11th — and baes everywhere came through with the charm. Peep just a few of our fave promposals of 2017, and get ready to be all up in your feelings.

1. Tatyana & Tyrique. This super-cute couple was just friends when Tyrique popped the question, so Tatyana was completely caught off guard and overwhelmed by the surprise.



“He had me sold already with the balloons and sign with my favorite song playing in the background, but when he pulled out the two dresses behind the sign, I tried to keep my balance. Nobody had ever done something like this for me before. He deserves all the credit for going the extra mile. Truly a moment I’ll never forget.” –Tatyana



Watch the full promposal video here.

2. Brittany & Yovan. The two met way back in eighth grade, and Yovan asked Brittany to prom in the very same middle school hallway where he asked her on their first date. Even more special, he sang John Legend’s All of Me — Brittany didn’t even know her boo had vocals like that!


“It may not have looked like it, but I was forcing the words out I was so scared. But it [all] paid off when I realized I was done and [she’d] said yes.” –Yovan

Watch the full promposal video here.


3. Davon & Tatum. Davon first saw his prom date at the Chick-fil-A drive-thru where he worked. She caught his attention, and a few months later he promposed to her on the restaurant’s personal billboard.




4.  Daezan and Danielle. Knowing the way straight to Danielle’s heart was through her favorite Starbucks drink, Daezan chose the perfect way to “espress” himself for her promposal.


Watch the full promposal video here.

We are really feelin’ all this brown skin poppin’, prom dress on fleek, tux extra fresh, loving-the-melanin-skin-I’m-in kind of love this season. Do you have a promposal story to tell? Share it in the comments below!

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