“Get Out” Keeps Things All the Way 100 and We Are Here For It

“Just because you’re invited, doesn’t mean you’re welcome.”

By Ayanna Thompson

Take a cup of covert racism, three tablespoons of white supremacy, a teaspoon of chilling humor, a dash of ignorance, and stir with the politically charged ladle of our current state of the union, and voila — you’ve got Jordan Peele’s debut movie Get Out.

Hitting theaters at a time we’re witnessing a historical surge in unadulterated bigotry, a time when being Black in a white society can not only be potentially uncomfortable, but also potentially dangerous, Get Out will make sure you leave extra woke. Comin’ through with the realness from jump, the film opens with an eerie reference to racially motivated murders like that of Trayvon Martin and catapults us right into the story line, which is jam-packed with allusions to double consciousness, racial profiling, ignorance, non-consensual mind control, the merchandising of brown bodies, and on and on.

Through a scenario as regular as interracial relationships, Jordan Peele has called the lethal racial tension of the day out on the carpet, and it’s about time. Brilliant, necessary, and razor sharp in its storytelling, Get Out is a definite must-see. If you haven’t already — and shoot, even if you have — do yourself a favor and run to the theater now!

Peep the trailer below:

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