Dear Racists: Stop Trying to Make “Race War” Happen.

(It’s not going to happen.)


When we first noticed #BLMKidnapping was trending on Twitter a couple days ago, we legit thought we were about to read that a Black Lives Matter member had been abducted. What we discovered, instead, was yet another tired ploy by white supremacists/racists to claim that BLM is a hate group.

ICYMI, here’s what went down: Earlier this week in Chicago, an 18-year-old white man with an intellectual disability was kidnapped, bound, and tortured by three Black teens and one 24-year-old Black woman. And the attack was broadcast on Facebook Live. In the video, screams of “F**k Donald Trump! and “F**k white people!” can also be heard. Yesterday (Jan. 5), the four assailants were charged with a hate crime, plus additional charges for the kidnapping and attack.

Let’s get one thing straight from jump: This attack was horrific. Vile. Disgusting. Evil.

We will not be resharing the video here, but the clip, which went viral, is now being used as racist propaganda by white supremacists to push their twisted agenda against Black Lives Matter by creating lies that the group was involved.

Like, what?!



To claim that Black Lives Matter endorses hatred and attacks on people is not only obviously false, but is also dangerous rhetoric that can incite more violence. White supremacists have been trying to make the whole “race war” thing happen for decades and stay living under the delusion that BLM means other lives don’t and/or that BLM is a hate group.

Obviously, BLM had absolutely no link to the revolting assault, as the organization combats violence and seeks true freedom and justice for Black lives. White supremacists try to discredit BLM’s social activism because they think it will destroy the Movement. They think Black people will kowtow and give in. They think BLM allies will abandon the crusade.

They’re wrong.

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