White Supremacists Plot to Infiltrate Black Twitter and Fail Miserably

*Note: There is some offensive language (shown in white supremacists’ tweets) in the post below.


In the latest edition of Somebody Needs to Get Their Life, white supremacists plot to make fake Twitter accounts, in which they pose as stereotypical Black people. Their plan is to “create a state of chaos on Twitter, among the Black Twitter population, by sewing distrust and suspicion, causing Blacks to panic.”


As seen in the thread above, started by DarkSkintDostoyevsky, the racist website Daily Stormer* posted tips on how to create fake accounts — everything from finding photos of Black people to using stereotypical “Black” names. It didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to find out, and as we type this, #BlackTwitterBlock is trending, calling out fake accounts and generally reacting to this crazy.




And of course, you’ve got the fake accounts joining #BlackTwitterBlock naming real people, but they’ll be easy to spot because they typically name accounts that are obviously real . (One fake account actually tried to call out AkilahObviously and ShaunKing. Both are verified. Both are people actual Black people know.)

Today, the Daily Stormer posted that they know they’ve been found out — and that it’s all a part of the plan. The post claims that they want to stir up panic and controversy, so that real Black Twitter accounts will also get banned. They think this will stop activists from spreading their messages and fighting against hate and ignorance.

But uh, the Civil Rights Movement didn’t have Twitter.

And those activists got stuff done.

Just sayin’.

If you come across accounts you believe to be fake, resist the urge to retweet them. Do not engage with them in any way. Instead, screenshot the tweets and accounts in case you need to show those #receipts, block those accounts, and then report them directly to Twitter.

Then, link up with your crew and make some plans of your own: Plans to peacefully protest, plans to contact your representatives, plans to lead school assemblies against hate…

In 2017, activism will most definitely be #squadgoals.

Follow #BlackTwitterBlock for the latest updates.

*We will not be linking to that site/sending them any traffic.

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