Trevor Jackson Just Dropped a Protest Song and We are More Than Here for It

When we first sat down to listen to Trevor’s new track, Colours on the Ground, we didn’t realize it would take a few tries before we could actually finish the entire song. The pain in the lyrics and in his voice, juxtaposed against the sound of a piano playing minor chords, just brought up all the raw emotions we’ve been struggling with these past few years, and they came pouring out and couldn’t be stopped.

Lyrics like:

Momma’s soaked in tears and on her knees. She holds her baby as caution tape’s around. She keeps on screaming, “He was just 19!” The man in blue said, “I told him to stay down.”

And this chorus:

I just had my hands up, my hoodie on, no gun was drawn … I just had my hands up, my dreads were locked, my skin was black, so they attacked … Still they find a way to make us colours on the ground.

In his feelings (as we all are about these senseless, racist murders), Trevor wrote this track over the summer to help him cope when the killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling went down. He decided to release the song in light of #TerrenceCrutcher and #KeithLamontScott, in hopes that it will help us all. He’s even making it easy for you to contribute to the Movement just by purchasing this single when it’s available to buy starting on Oct. 4. ALL proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

On his Instagram Trev said, “I felt compelled to share the song in hopes that it sheds light on these dark times. Using the pain and frustrations that I know a lot of us deal with fueled me to create something that I pray helps others cope with the current state of our country. We can no longer turn a blind eye … change is necessary.” 

Listen to the song below:





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