Sneak Peek: Trevor Jackson’s New Role on Season Two of “American Crime”

Trevor Jackson is about to make your Wednesday nights way better — because who wouldn’t love tuning in to see him every week?

Beginning on January 6, you’ll get to see Trevor starring as Kevin LaCroix in season 2 of American Crime. Premiering at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, this 10-episode season packs a whole new story line centering around some serious issues taking place at two Midwest high schools.

His new role, though, is way different from how you usually see him. According to ABC, Trevor’s character, Kevin, is the team captain of a private school’s basketball team who’s accused of drugging and assaulting another student, and then, posting the pics on social media.

Watch the sneak peek below to see a clip of T.J. in his new role:


Will you be watching the new season of American Crime? What do you think of Trevor’s new character? Tell us in the comments below!



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