Sprite’s “Obey Your Verse” Collection is Just What Your Summer Needed

Remember when you fell in love with hip-hop?

Sprite does. And apparently it’s been down with the scene since the ’80s. Over the past three decades, Sprite’s even partnered up with hit makers like Missy Elliot, Common, and even Kris Kross! Talk about a throwback.

This summer, they’ve #turntup their packaging to show the mad love they have for the game with their new “Obey Your Verse” campaign. (See what they did there?) The first set of featured MCs includes Drake, Nas, Biggie, and Rakim, but there’ll be more to come as summer goes on.

Check the list below to see the lyrics that could be blessing your next drink:

Photo: Coca-Cola Company
Photo: Coca-Cola Company

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