Coco Jones: Our Spring 2015 Cover Girl!

Not that Coco hasn’t already lit up the scene before (hello, she starred alongside Trevor Jackson and Tyler James Williams in Let it Shine), but this year, she’s set to take things to a whole ‘nother level — as an independent artist, a new high school grad, and an official Cali girl. In the spring issue of Sesi, Coco talks about her newest EP, her post-graduation plans, and how she still keeps it real as a typical teen. Don’t forget to to pick up your copy today!

Coco Jones on the cover of Sesi magazine's spring 2015 issue. Cover background is gray. Coco is wearing a blue, pink, and gray top. She's smiling and looking directly at the camera; her chin is resting on one hand.
Call-to-action button that says, "Send My Magazine. It only takes one click! 'I'm so glad that you all have a magazine targeted to young Black girls like me. :) )"

Main image/cover image: Photographed by Richard A. DuCree


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