Keke Palmer on Deck to Star in the New Show, “Scream Queens”

With a stint as the first Black Cinderella ever on Broadway under her belt (#NBD), our former cover girl, Keke Palmer, is set to star alongside several others in the new FOX show, Scream Queens

The premise? There’ve been a bunch of murders on a college campus. Horror — and hilarity — ensues. We don’t know yet who Keke will play and how many episodes she’ll be on, but we do know that this hour-long, 15-episode premiere season will drop in the fall of 2015 and bring with it a mix of funny and scary all in the same show. We’re thinking it’ll basically be a cross between American Horror Story and your favorite sitcom. And yes, there are plans that for each new season, there will be a new cast and a new storyline.



Are you excited to see Keke land another scary movie-type role? Will you be watching when it debuts in the fall? Tell us in the comments below!

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