The Baddest Hats for Those Bad Hair Days

On the real though, sometimes you feel like you’d rather cut your hair off instead of fighting with it in hopes of turning out a bangin’ style. But before you reach for those scissors, try rockin’ a chic hat on those rough hair days. Here are five different hat styles that are sure to have you lookin’ BADD even on a bad hair day.

1. Floppy Hat ($45, Topshop)
This is the best type of hat to wear for a boho-chic look. It pairs best with a flowy kimono top or a long cardigan!

floppy hat


2. Beanie ($2.80, Forever 21)
This is your everyday go-to hat because you can easily wear it with a pair of jeans and a sweater. It’s the best option for the winter because it’s the warmest!



3. Cloche Hat ($14.99, Target)
Step out in this sophisticated piece, which looks great with a peacoat and bold lipstick. It’s perfect for hiding any twist out mishaps — when the end-of-hair waves are on point, but the top of your head is all frizz.



4. 5-Panel Cap ($25.99, Dimepiece LA @ Dr. Jays)
Rock this cap on a day when you want to dress down and lay low. These hats come in thousands of different colors and prints and look so clutch with those box braids.


5. Printed Head Wrap ($22-$26, The Wrap Life )
When you’re just too through, give your hair a break from all that manipulation and tie it up in a ka-yute wrap!


How do you deal with bad hair days? Tell us your tips in the comments below!




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