High School Seniors Sport Blackface for Powder Puff and We. Just. Can’t.

On November 5, 2014, Sullivan High School in Sullivan, Missouri, held its annual powder puff football game. Like most powder puff teams, the girls decked themselves out in pink. Unlike most powder puff teams, these senior girls also painted their faces black.

You heard right. Blackface.

Not surprisingly, photos of the team in blackface were posted on social media and went viral — the only reason the principal is even speaking on it at all. The principal, Jennifer Schmidt, doesn’t even think the girls did anything wrong! Schmidt told the Riverfront Times that she knew they didn’t mean anything by it, so that made her feel like it wouldn’t be a big deal. (FYI, Mrs. Schmidt: Blackface is ALWAYS a big deal! Plus, we’re sure those seniors have spent their fair share of time on social media — and probably attended a history class or two — so the whole “they didn’t know what they were doing thing?” Not buying it.) She also said the girls are “very embarrassed and shocked at some of the responses they’ve gotten, because I think some people had some stuff on Facebook and got the wrong intention.”

The wrong intention? Girl, bye. We. Just. Can’t.


Has anyone in your school ever dared to wear blackface? Share your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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