Long-Distance Love: 6 Ways to Make It Work

You’re kicking butt in class, have those extracurriculars on lock, and your social calendar stays full. But even though college life is turning out to be great, you can’t keep your mind off the boo you left at home — not even the college cuties can distract you.

That’s when you know that it might be time to reconnect, and luckily,  in today’s world, that’s one of the easiest things to do!
6. FaceTime on the Regular
Or use Google Hangout. Or Skype. These free services make it easy to see your boo as often as you’d like! You can arrange a weekly video date or say goodnight every day.

5. Keep Him Updated
Sharing stories about the most important experiences of your college life so far will help the two of you feel more connected, even if you are hundreds of miles away.
4. Ask About His Life, Too
This whole connection things works both ways: Reassure him that there’s still a place for him in your life by asking about his accomplishments, disappointments, and what his fam has been up to.
3. Celebrate the Special Days
If it means singing “Happy Birthday” over a cell phone or having Valentine’s day gifts delivered, instead of exchanging in person, do it.  Keep important dates in mind and never let them pass without acknowledgement.
2.  Make a Pact
Don’t string the honey along just because you haven’t found a college guy who you “like-like” yet. Long-distance relationships are tough, so they should only be attempted if you both decide it’s worth it and have made the promise to give it your all.
1. Take Every Opportunity to Visit
Whether you spend spring breaks at home or find a place to stay near his dorm for a weekend, aim to see each other in the flesh now and then. You’ll have to decide how often is enough, but spending time together is the best way to see the rewards of all your hard work.
Are you in a  long-distance relationship? How do you make it last?
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