5 Campus Hot Spots You Didn’t Know About, But Should

There’s more to campus life than the computer lab, your classes, and your dorm room. Discover some of these secret campus gems (in no particular order) and find the best places around your way to make new friends and experiences.

5. The Generic-Looking Coffee Shop Under that one On-Campus Parking Deck

As shady as it may sound, these are usually campus-run shops, so they’re legit. But, because of their odd location, most people don’t think to congregate there, which makes this the perfect hidden spot to chill with friends — or get in some alone time — in between classes. It can also expose you to a brand-new scene. Instead of running into the same people you see at the same time each day at your campus bookstore cafe, you may just have a chance to meet the cute biology major you might never see otherwise. Plus, the best cure for study boredom (besides the perfect playlist) is new surroundings.

4. The Probate Show

While these are crazy popular, their dates and locations are often kept as secret as the pledges’ identities. Keep your ears to the streets, so you don’t miss out on the stepping, the unmasking, and of course, the after parties.

3. The Swing Set Behind the Student Center

So, yours might not be in that exact spot, but just about every college campus has swings somewhere. Ask upperclassmen where to find the ones at your school; or, go explore areas of campus you’ve never been to to find them on your own. You’ll not only get a little cardio in, but you’ll also find a new way to squash stress and hang out. 

2. The Laundry Room

You’re probably giving us the side-eye for this one. But consider this:  You spend a lot of time up in there, guarding your clothes and waiting for an open dryer. Pass those hours by talking to other students doing the same thing as you are. It’s amazing how quickly people can bond in the span of a couple of wash cycles; expect to have some memorable conversations.

1. The Hidden Haunts

Every campus has one — or several. Get to know your hallmates better by checking out the legends of your school’s secret spots together. Whether it’s the concert hall after dark, the group study room on the 22nd floor of the library, or a basement classroom that supposedly turns into a Civil War hospital on Saturday nights, you can expect to share tales, bond with new friends, and have a good time.

Where are your school’s secret spots?

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