Don’t Sleep on Soul Singer Nneka

You’ve probably never of heard of Nneka, but trust us on this one, she’s someone you want to know about.

The Nigerian singer rarely receives local airplay and her videos usually don’t make it to the top ten countdowns, but that isn’t because she’s not worthy — her raspy vocals and true-to-life lyrics could put any pop princess to shame. If her unique voice isn’t enough to pull you in, her thought-provoking verses and upbeat rhythms will seal the deal.

Here are five reasons to turn off the radio and download some of Nneka’s tunes — ASAP.


5. She Sings About the Issues

Sometimes catchy words aren’t enough — you need something that will stimulate your mind and expose you to new things. Nneka’s lyrics cover issues like poverty, inequality, and of course, lost love.

4. Mainstream Artists Admire Her Work

Lots of popular rappers and pop singers have sampled Nneka’s songs or collaborated with her. Nas jumped on the remix to her breakout single “Heartbeat,” and Rita Ora sampled the same song in her hit, “R.I.P”.

3.  She Rocks an Afro 

Her look is as down-to-earth and beautiful as her music.  Her signature T-shirts and gorgeous natural hairstyles are never meant to be part of the show, but complement it just the same.

2. She Plays the Guitar — Well

What’s cooler than a girl who has a guitar and knows how to use it?

1. She Puts Her Muisc Where Her Heart Is

Nneka lives the socially conscious life she croons about.  This passion comes through in her work and makes her music so much more addictive and inspiring.


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