Please Pass the Mic…

… far, far away from Weezy. And drop some #BlackHistory knowledge on him, too, while you’re at it.


In case y’all hadn’t heard, the interwebs is abuzz with Lil’ Wayne’s totally disrespectful reference to Emmett Till (pictured above) in his remix of “Karate Chop,” where he actually raps, “Beat that p—- up like Emmett Till.” Really, dude? Have you no dignity, no honor, no reverence?

And in case you didn’t know about Emmett Till, check this: In the summer of 1955, 14-year-old Emmett was visiting family in Mississippi. One night during his stay, two white men broke into his family’s home, snatched him from his bed, and lynched him for supposedly whistling at a white woman earlier that evening. 

A boy around your age lost his life for nothing. This is what they did to him. (Warning: The linked photo is graphic, but shows the result of the men’s pure hatred for blacks.)

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