5 Places to Meet Bae this Summer

Summer is on its way. Love is in the air … for everyone (it seems), but you. Your girlfriends are all booed up, and while you’re happy for them, you are getting a little tired (and perhaps a bit envious) of hearing about how their man is joining their family vacation at the beach, or how cute everyone thinks they are together … blah, blah, blah.

Not to worry, though! You may find yourself singing Single Ladies at the start of the summer, but by the time you visit the following hot spots, you’ll be singing to everyone about how you met your boo on the corner of 1st and Love.

#1 Unleash Your Adventurous Side.
Stop sulking about how being single sucks, get your girls together, and spend a fabulous day riding roller coasters and playing games at the amusement park. While you’re there, you’re sure to see tons of potential boyfriends — and once those dudes see how much fun you’re having, they won’t be able to resist joining in.

#2 Get Your Party On!
You don’t know all your friends’ friends, so why not meet more of them at a summer party? You never know, the one you dance with (seriously, “Who is Baby?”) may end up being the one you date.

#3 Take That Family Vacation
Whether you’re at the beach or at grandma’s house, odds are, they are too. When you’re about to go crazy from non-stop family time, take a break by hanging out with your grandma’s cute neighbor; or, check out the fine guy on the Jet Ski at the beach (he just might give you lessons, if you ask).

#4 Cop Those Tickets!
Look up the performance dates for your favorite artist, shop with your friends for the hottest outfit, and then, head to the concert. Instead of sweatin’ Beyoncé, the single guy in the row behind you, may find himself sweatin’ you.

#5 Work It, Girl!
Of course! Your summer job! Become a lifeguard or a camp counselor and you have an excuse to flirt with some of the finest co-workers you may ever have. Not only do they look good, but they work well with others, too. If outside work isn’t your thing, try working as a sales associate at a store frequented by guys.

Who are you crushin’ on this summer?

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  1. Omg its bout tyme I found a magazine lyk this! Cause I have PLENTY of magazines but none of the one I have entertains mii… not lyk this one.lol, So thnx!
    – love it with a passion!

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