Hello! Thank you for your interest in writing for Sesi.  Please be sure to read all of the following information, and of course, subscribe and/or pick up a few issues at your local Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million store to familiarize yourself with our content and style.


Sesi gives voice to Black teen girls in a media space where they are virtually invisible.

Representation matters. And Sesi reps Black girls to the fullest.

With each issue, thousands of readers across the globe — from the U.S., the U.K. and Canada to Australia, the Bahamas, Finland, Norway, and more — are able to see themselves on the covers, in the advertisements, and of course, reflected in the editorial. We fill that void in the mainstream magazine marketplace, in which Black girls are virtually invisible.

Sesi is a quarterly teen magazine specifically edited for Black girls ages 13 to 19.  Sesi is dedicated to providing Black girls with a community that focuses on celebrating them and their culture by covering beauty, fashion, relationships, health, careers, college life, entertainment, fiction, and social issues.


Our editorial voice and style is young, conversational, and fun. We love pop culture allusions and clever wordplay. We want our readers to feel as though they are talking to their best friend when they pick up an issue, so keep your writing relatable and personable. Be sure to read a few issues of Sesi to get a feel for our style and content before submitting a query. (You can find single copies at Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million.)


Articles will vary in word length depending on the topic; however, as a guide, be sure your piece is at least 1,000 words and no more than 3,000 words. Your submission should also include sidebars with any other pertinent information, but keep in mind that your sidebar will not count in the word limit.


To write for us, you must be a journalist or professional writer — or a student studying journalism, English, communications, or other related field. You also must have reliable access to a computer and internet connection. You must be a 🔥🔥🔥 reporter/interviewer who is adept at writing in our style and for our audience. (We are not looking for articles that are better suited for scholarly journals or academic research, for example.) You must also be able to meet deadlines.


Once you’ve decided on a fabulous story idea, please submit a one-page query letter, including a potential article title and subtitle, possible experts in the area you are covering, your proposed length (word count), potential sidebars, and why Sesi is a good fit for your piece. Editorial lead time for the print mag is three months. All seasonal articles should also be submitted three months in advance.

If you’ve never written a query letter, please be sure to do your research on how to write a great one, first. Here are just a few good references (there are many, many more) to start with:

Writer’s Market
Pitch Letter Must-Haves
How to Craft a Writing Pitch
What Editors Really Want From Writers

All query letters should be addressed to:

Andréa Butler, Editor-in-Chief


In the subject line of your e-mail, please put  “Editorial Submission.” Your submission should be in one of the following formats: MS Word, Google Docs, or PDF file. Along with your query, please also include your full name and e-mail address. Also, please provide your resumé, three clips, and three references.


Depending on experience and assignment, payment per article is typically between $150 and $200.

Then What?

If your submission is chosen, we will contact you, and there will be a contractual agreement to sign before your completed article may be accepted and published. If you have not heard from us within three months after sending your information, please assume that we are unable to use your idea at that time.

Please note: The ONLY applicants who will be considered are those who follow the Writer’s Guidelines precisely. 

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

“Sesi” means “sister” in Sotho, a Bantu language mainly spoken in Southern Africa. We rep Black teen girls to the fullest — filling that void in mainstream magazine media, in which Black girls and their voices are virtually invisible.