Ya' Heard?

Mo’ne’s Making Moves Like Whoa

As if Mo’ne Davis hadn’t already slayed today — her very first book just dropped, like, now — she’s also just announced her amazing collab with M4D3 and Because I am a Girl. To give back to less-fortunate girls all around the world, Mo’ne has designed a limited edition line of sneakers — and when […]

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Coco Jones: Our Spring 2015 Cover Girl!

Not that Coco hasn’t already lit up the scene before (hello, she starred alongside Trevor Jackson and Tyler James Williams in Let it Shine), but this year, she’s set to take things to a whole ‘nother level — as an independent artist, a new high school grad, and an official Cali girl. In the spring […]

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Black History, Ya' Heard?

Mo’ne Davis: A Boss on the Diamond

#ICYMI: Thirteen-year-old Mo’ne Davis — the ONLY girl on her team — is reppin’ Philly (and the entire Mid-Atlantic region) to the fullest at this year’s Little League World Series (LLWS) in South Williamsport, Pa! Not only is she just the 17th girl to ever make it to the LLWS, but she’s also the first […]

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