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Citizen Four’s Josh Levi is Our New Favorite #WokeBae

Can’t get enough of Josh Levi? (Yeah, we can’t either.) In our winter issue, the 18-year-old X Factor USA finalist and member of Citizen Four, the newest boy band on the scene, sat down with L’Oreal Thompson Payton of #TeamSesi, and shared his passion for social justice and his dreams for the future. Get your […]

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Here’s How Your Fave Celebs are #GOTV This Election Day

Election Day is FINALLY here! No doubt your timeline has been lit since dawn with voting selfies of you, your friends, and your fam. Just as #woke as you and your crew? Your fave celebs — and they’re flooding social media with photos and calls to vote, too. Peep their post-poll pics — and their […]

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