Photo of Andrea Butler, the editor-in-chief/publisher saying, "I created Sesi, so Black teen girls could have a magazine that represents them every, single day -- not just when it's 'trendy.'"

Sesi covers the Black girl’s mainstream. And this goes beyond highlighting celebs our readers identify with most (although, we do that, too). We tell stories about Black girls experiencing joy, overcoming struggles, and just living their lives. We introduce readers to dream careers they may never have thought of or even seen themselves represented in before. We give voice to our readers in other ways, too — many submit their poetry and short stories to us for publication consideration, and we’re honored to be one of the first places their work is shared with the world.

As an independent, Black-owned media company with no corporate backers, investors, and extremely limited advertising (ranging from zero to four ads in an issue), we rely on our community of supporters to help us maintain our mission of filling that void in the mainstream magazine marketplace.

Your donation will:
-Help pay production costs, including printing and shipping
-Help pay our team of freelance writers, designers, and photographers
-Allow us to hire a social media manager and get the word out about what we do more
All of these things are needed to ensure Sesi stays around for years to come.