Black History, Celebs, Stereotyping and Racism

To: Ferguson, From: Lauryn Hill

#ICYMI: Lauryn Hill released an old recording Wednesday night called “Black Rage” and dedicated it to the people of Ferguson, Missouri. Sung to the tune of The Sound of Music‘s “My Favorite Things” — only in a much more haunting way — Lauryn speaks on how the effects of slavery and racism still play out […]

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Stereotyping and Racism

What to Do When Someone Comes at You Sideways

Whether it’s a random or a person you deal with on the regular, having someone make any kind of stereotypical, borderline-racist remark to you can make things really awkward and really disturbing really quick. Here’s a look at how to handle yourself in just about any of these situations: 1. When someone tells you, “Your […]

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