When the struggle is so real and you’re not sure who to turn to for advice, we got you.

Meet our new advice columnist, Jessica Lauren.  Growing up, she devoured magazines and admits she’d buy a mag before she’d buy food! But, she didn’t like the fact that she never saw anyone who looked like her in those pages. A podcast host and inspirational blogger, Jessica Lauren is passionate about helping girls overcome their fears and do the damn thang! Hailing from the west side of Detroit, she’s currently living her dreams in The Chi. When she’s not busy writing, she enjoys the beauty of life, acting, and upping her french fry connoiseur game.

So, if you need help with love/family/school/friends/life, send us your questions using the form below — or Tweet us using #AskSesimag. Then, check the #AskSesimag section of your next issue to see if you’re question is answered!

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