That Whole “Not Black Enough” Thing? Yeah, That’s Gotta Go.

You know what’s never a good look? When we tear each other down. Whether we’re telling another Black girl that she “acts white” for liking certain music, that she “talks white” because she speaks correctly, that she’s too dark, or that she’s too light and therefore not Black enough, it’s all self-hate. TBH, there are […]

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Here’s How One Girl Learned to Love Herself and Live Out Loud

KeKe Palmer surprised more than a few fans last year with her “I Don’t Belong To You” video. (If you haven’t seen it yet, she leaves her boyfriend for another girl.) The Scream Queens star took it one step further when she came out as sexually fluid soon after. Then, in December, Amandla Stenberg came […]

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