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On a mission to fill that void in the mainstream media, in which Black girls are virtually invisible, Sesi (a quarterly, print magazine for Black teen girls) celebrates them.





Andréa Butler, EIC/Publisher

 As a teen, I had what my mom called, “an intense obsession” with magazines. (I legit couldn’t leave a store without buying one!) But I got sick of reading mags I couldn’t relate to: Essence was too old, and the Seventeens and YMs of the world left me singing, “Where My (Black) Girls At?” One night, I was flipping through a few of those mags (I had to read something!), and thought to myself, “If there’s still not a teen magazine that speaks to Black girls by the time I’m done with school, I’ll start one myself.” And I did, with Shannon, my friend since high school. We’ve been killin’ it ever since.


Shannon Boone, Art Director


Print and magazine design is my first love. I design for Sesi to share an experience with our audience that they can relate to. I am committed and passionate about providing enjoyable, entertaining layouts to enhance every girl’s love for herself.



Princess Gabbara, Writer



I write for Sesi because #BlackGirlMagic isn’t another tactic to try and increase Black readership. It’s what we believe in at our core. When our readers flip through the pages, they can take pride in knowing that the magazine was created especially for them.



L'Oreal Payton, Writer

L’Oreal Payton, Writer



Quite simply, Sesi is the magazine I wish existed when I was a young Black girl. Growing up, I didn’t see myself represented in mainstream teen magazines and it had a negative effect on my self-esteem. My hope is that every girl who reads Sesi will recognize herself, celebrate herself, and love herself.


Carey Flack, Writer

Carey Flack, Writer



As a 20-something, I write for Sesi because I love giving career, beauty, and lifestyle advice to the next generation of confident girls!


India Hill, Writer

India Hill, Writer



I write for Sesi to provide the articles that I didn’t see in magazines growing up. I’m dedicated to creating positive images for Black teenage girls, and I’m so thankful for the Sesi team as we continue to do this!


Ayanna Thompson, Writer

Ayanna Thompson, Writer



I write for Sesi because it’s the voice I needed when I was a teen. It’s the voice I still need. Sesi Mag is where it’s at.



Najja Parker, Writer

Najja Parker, Writer



When I flip through Sesi, I see someone that looks like teenage me on nearly every page. How many other magazines can you say that about? Representation matters, and it’s my duty to ensure our Nubian princesses know there’s no shortage of #blackgirlmagic. There’s an abundance of it. 


Miaira Jennings, Vlogger



I’ve always had a passion for video production and hosting, and I’m proud to contribute to Sesi’s mission of celebrating Black girl magic, portraying positivity, and sharing inspirational content for young girls everywhere. Creating media that is both entertaining and meaningful is important to me, and I am able to do that as part of #TeamSesi. 




sesimeanssisterfinal(in the Sotho language of Southern Africa)



A one-year subscription is just $10!



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5 Comments on About the Mag

  1. Please share with any mothers of young (not just black) girls you know.

  2. I just heard your podcast interview on Dreamtodrive, I think this is wonderful, kudo’s to you for pulling this off. I would luv to collaborate if you think my work would add to your vision.

  3. I just ordered a copy for my niece, who lives in the midwest and isn’t always exposed to all of the richness and greatness of African American girls….THANK GOD for Sesi…now she can see that her sistahs from across the world are doing some great things and are AMAZING…like she is!

  4. I can relate to your love for print! Creating my own magazine has always felt like a far fetched dream, but reading this has given me an inspiring new perspective.

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