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On a mission to fill that void in the mainstream media, in which Black girls are virtually invisible, Sesi (a quarterly, print magazine for Black teen girls) celebrates them. As an independent magazine with very little advertising, we rely on the support of our community to continue publishing. You can show your support by subscribing or donating. Subscriptions are $15 a year and you can donate any amount you’d like. ❤️



Andréa Butler, EIC/Publisher

 As a teen, I had what my mom called, “an intense obsession” with magazines. (I legit couldn’t leave a store without buying one!) But I got sick of reading mags I couldn’t relate to: Essence was too old, and the Seventeens and YMs of the world left me singing, “Where My (Black) Girls At?” One night, I was flipping through a few of those mags (I had to read something!), and thought to myself, “If there’s still not a teen magazine that speaks to Black girls by the time I’m done with school, I’ll start one myself.” And I did, with Shannon, my friend since high school. We’ve been killin’ it ever since.


Shannon Boone, Art Director




Print and magazine design are my first loves. I design for Sesi to share an experience with our audience that they can relate to. I am committed and passionate about providing enjoyable, entertaining layouts to enhance every girl’s love for herself.



I write for Sesi because #BlackGirlMagic isn’t another tactic to try and increase Black readership. It’s what we believe in at our core. When our readers flip through the
pages, they can take pride in knowing that the magazine
was created especially for them.





Jessica Lauren, Advice Columnist

I was legit obsessed with magazines as a girl (still am). I LOVED everything about them. The smell, the creativity, the fashion, the LIFE. What I wasn’t so impressed by? The lack of women of color that looked like me. Why weren’t we a part of the narrative? I am grateful to write for Sesi so that young, Black women know without a shadow of a doubt that WE are out here doing our thang and we ain’t goin’ nowhere!




Miaira Jennings, Videographer

I’ve always had a passion for video production and hosting, and I’m proud to contribute to Sesi’s mission of celebrating Black girl magic, portraying positivity, and sharing inspirational content for young girls everywhere. Creating media that is both entertaining and meaningful is important to me, and I am able to do that as part of #TeamSesi. 



Tracey L. Rogers, Astrologer/Life Coach



I am thrilled to be a part of #TeamSesi, and I hope my horoscopes resonate deeply with you! I write for Sesi because it is an opportunity for me to share messages of empowerment with young, Black women who will go on to change the world, promoting a new set of values that reflect tolerance, humility, and a shared humanity for all. #ProudToBeBlack


Jamie Yu, Contributing Designer


As a self-proclaimed pack rat that has collected copious piles of magazines, I love designing for Sesi. It is so rewarding being able to help girls through my own passion for print design.





Ava Marshall, Writer

I write for Sesi because as a young Black girl myself, finding myself reflected in the media was a rarity, making me feel as if I wasn’t worthy. As a creator, this paralleled with seeing my work as good enough. Sesi shows that Black girls are the mainstream, that who we are, in all it’s diversity, is worthy. And pretty freakin’, phenomenal.




Najja Parker, Writer

When I flip through Sesi, I see someone that looks like teenage me on nearly every page. How many other magazines can you say that about? Representation matters, and it’s my duty to ensure our Nubian princesses know there’s no shortage of #blackgirlmagic. There’s an abundance of it. 




I write for Sesi because I want every girl who looks like me to know and feel like her story is being told. I want to a voice for those girls because I didn’t have that voice represented when I was growing up. Representation matters and #BlackGirlMagic needs to be celebrated and appreciated, and Sesi does that.



Stacey Coles, Writer


I write for Sesi because I believe that representation of the Black [girl] is extremely important today more than ever. We inspire and influence so many things, yet we are so frequently overlooked. Sesi is a stage for Black Girl Magic!




I write for Sesi because Black girls and teenagers seeing themselves represented and being the focus of a magazine is so important. Stories curated based on their specific interests and experiences allow them to see that the world sees them as valid. All of my life I’ve been obsessed with pop culture, entertainment, and magazines; Sesi allows me to merge my passion for all of these things and gives them purpose.




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