Let’s Get This Campaign Started, A Guide

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Advertising doesn’t need to overwhelming — and this guide will show you all the ways Sesi can help you grow your sales, brand awareness, and consumer demand. Peep the following tips on choosing an ad size, getting your first campaign started, and tracking your ad’s effectiveness. Let’s. Do. This.

Set the right budget

Advertising is imperative for every business. Without it, potential customers will have no clue what you offer or that you even exist. A budget will help ensure you spend your advertising dollars wisely and maximize them to reach your desired results.

Specify the amount.
Consider your goals, review your current budget, and think about what you can afford when deciding what to invest in your ad campaign. It can also be helpful to take a look at what your competition is spending.

Identify your customer.
Will your products appeal to Black girls? Then Sesi is where you need to be, as it’s the only internationally sold teen magazine for this audience. Strategically targeting your ads ensures that you’re reaching who you want to reach, allowing you to maximize your investment.

Invest wisely.
Setting a budget is the first step. Next, you’ll need to allocate those funds wisely. For example, if you have a marketing budget of $2,000 for the year, you won’t want to waste the bulk of that on one large ad. Instead, choose to run several smaller ads, as it’s repetition that matters (not ad size).


Build your campaign

The key to any successful advertising campaign is repetition. If you only run one ad, you should consider that a write-off. Instead, maximize your budget by running smaller ads more frequently to stay at the top of readers’ minds. It’s called Effective Frequency, which is simply the number of times a person must see your advertisement before making a decision to buy from you.

Need help with ad design? We can handle that for you at no extra charge. Simply send us the images and text you want used, and we’ll make it look beautiful.

Ad sizes
Sesi has seven main ad sizes to choose from. When building a campaign, you can mix and match sizes if you’d like. You can also build a customized multimedia campaign. Here are the standard options:

Full page
Two-thirds page
Half page
One-third page
Inside front cover
Inside back cover
Back cover

Schedule and run your campaign
When you’re ready to begin, we’ll send you an e-invoice via Square. You can choose to pay upfront, or apply to pay in installments.


Tracking your growth

Analyze your sales, social media engagement, and website traffic before, during, and after your campaign. Including a special coupon code and/or landing page for Sesi readers is also a great way to track ad effectiveness. Sometimes, people may not remember the special landing page or coupon code, but remember your name from the ad when they’re shopping on the go. You can still find out how they heard about you by simply asking them. Be sure to include a quick “How did you find us?” survey during your checkout process, your newsletter sign-up, or other parts of your site, and include Sesi as an option. Record all of this data for future reference.


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