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“What’s interesting is it’s a word that gets overused now, this idea of influencers, but I think magazines and magazine brands and magazine editors [are] the original influencers.”
– Linda Thomas Brooks, MPA President/CEO



Representation matters. And Sesi reps Black girls to the fullest.

With each issue, thousands of readers across the globe — from the U.S. to the U.K. to Canada — are able to see themselves on the covers, in the advertisements, and of course, reflected in the editorial. Our mission? To fill that void in the mainstream magazine marketplace, in which Black girls are virtually invisible.

Below, take a look at the recent panel — “Why Independent Magazines Are Thriving Today” — Sesi‘s editor/publisher participated in (April 2019) at the Magazine Innovation Center’s annual conference:

Print magazines are the only medium for which advertisement avoidance is not a problem. Instead, advertisements are a welcome part of the magazine reading experience. And Generation Z (our readers) “[prefer] to use newspapers and magazines [without] interruption and [trust] these publications over other media to deliver credible information.”

For brands wanting to get in front of Black teen girls, Sesi is the only real way to do so. Unlike traditional mass market teen mags, Sesi is made just for Black girls. And unlike other niche magazines edited for Black adults, Sesi is age-appropriate for teens. Not only will you gain exposure to a market belonging to a group with the largest buying power in the country, but you’ll also ensure that Black girls continue to have a space and a voice that exists in this way.

Current partners include: the PGA Jr. League and Black Girls Golf, Kinky-Curly, author J.B. Vample, and First Strings Co. swimwear

For more details on our readership, audience profile, and how we may be able to help your brand grow, download our media kit and contact us at


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