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Covering the Black Girl’s Mainstream™

One of the biggest challenges all brands face? Getting in front of the right audience.

And Sesi is the only internationally sold magazine with this specific audience — Black teen girls.

Options? We’ve got plenty.

The most effective form of sharing your brand’s message is through our main product — the print mag. With several options to choose from that will actually fit your budget and your marketing goals, you’ll be able to communicate that message to our 10,000+ readers (and growing), while simultaneously supporting our mission of filling that void in the mainstream magazine marketplace, in which Black girls are virtually invisible.

Sponsored web and social media postings, as well as custom print + online packages are also available. Contact Kindra Bailey at for the details.

[“One of the strengths of printed publications is that they can be picked up and read on multiple occasions … The repeat reading of magazine issues, resulting in multiple exposures for the ads they carry, is one contributing factor in explaining why magazines are shown … to be such an effective advertising medium.”]

But Why?

Sesi is the only internationally sold teen magazine specifically edited for Black girls. The only way to ensure you’re reaching that unique audience is to partner with us. Not only will you gain exposure to a market belonging to a group with the largest buying power in the country, but you’ll also ensure that Black girls continue to have a space and a voice that exists in this way. Plus, we’ll even design your ads for you at no extra charge. Just send us the images and written copy for your ads, and boom, done.

[“The full complement of readers of a printed magazine issue accumulates over a period of time, instead of occuring immediately and all at once … The concept of accumulation is vital when planning the allocation of ads across a campaign, in order to control the week by week delivery of ad exposures. It is also essential when modeling the post-campaign effectiveness of magazine advertising.”]

Magazines have an advantage over other types of media. They have glossy, eye-catching, colorful images and an impact that is long-lasting, and holds the reader’s attention each time the issue is read.

For more details on our readership and audience profile, peep the media kit!

Ready to rock with #TeamSesi? Contact Kindra Bailey at to get started on your campaign!

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