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I’ve wanted to start Sesi magazine — THE teen magazine for Black girls — since, well, practically high school way back in 1998. I had, what my mom liked to call, “an intense obsession” with magazines. (I couldn’t leave a store without buying one…real talk.)

But I got sick of reading magazines that I couldn’t  relate to:  Essence was “too old”, and the Seventeens and Teen Vogues of the world left me singing, “Where My (Black) Girls At?”

Now, I’m not gonna front and act like I didn’t read Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and the since passed, YM, et al., but I read them because there was NOTHING else to read!  I had to satisfy my obsession with magazines somehow.

But, let’s be real, I did NOT always find myself lusting over the only Black male celebrity that would be haphazardly placed in the “Top 20 Hot Guys” list (really, just one?!) or be able to use the makeup and imitate the hairstyle of the only black model in the beauty section (who, more often than not, did not have my skin tone or hair texture…we don’t all look alike, you know…).

Feel me?

So…I decided that if there still wasn’t a teen magazine that spoke to us by the time I was done with school, I’d launch one myself.

Sesi, which means “sister” in the Sotho language of South Africais a teen magazine (and yes, it’s a PRINT mag, not an online one! Yay! ) edited for YOU, today’s eclectic Black teenage girl. It is dedicated to providing you with a community that focuses on celebrating you and your culture by covering beauty, fashion, dating, health, college life, careers, entertainment, social issues, and more.

At Sesi, we know you deserve more than being relegated to a random and rare “Special Beauty Section for African-American Girls.” We know you are searching for an entire magazine that dedicates itself to aspects of Black culture such as music, movies, celebrities, hair care, beauty, and fashion. We also recognize that you are concerned about social issues, future education and careers, culture, health and relationships, and we cover it all. So, enjoy this blog, where we post short pieces that are totally different from the print magazine, and then click the links below to order the actual magazine — filled with stuff like celeb interviews, full beauty and fashion articles, and tons more!!

Order your copy by clicking here! Or, give a gift subscriptionInterested in advertising? Click here

Thanks and enjoy!

Andréa, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher

P.S. Learn even more about me and the mag on this episode of Ask Dr. Renee.


11 Comments on About the Mag

  1. Please share with any mothers of young (not just black) girls you know.

  2. I just heard your podcast interview on Dreamtodrive, I think this is wonderful, kudo’s to you for pulling this off. I would luv to collaborate if you think my work would add to your vision.

  3. I just ordered a copy for my niece, who lives in the midwest and isn’t always exposed to all of the richness and greatness of African American girls….THANK GOD for Sesi…now she can see that her sistahs from across the world are doing some great things and are AMAZING…like she is!

  4. I can relate to your love for print! Creating my own magazine has always felt like a far fetched dream, but reading this has given me an inspiring new perspective.

  5. WOW … awesome magazine! Will definitely spread the word🙂

  6. You’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Follow this link to find out more: http://thrumyspectacles.wordpress.com

  7. Ms Alberta Carmichael // December 26, 2009 at 3:43 pm // Reply


    It’s a pleasure to hear of a Black Sesi, who will be able to make a difference to other Lil’ Sistas and brothers . I pray and hope that this is going to be a Blessing to you , your parents, family, friends and the teenagers etc. who will be reading you most blessed magazine.


    continue in staying postive

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