It’s National C☕️ffee Day!❤️

If you haven’t peeped this already, let us make your weekend: Today is National Coffee Day! So, if even the thought of going a day without your daily dose of caffeine has you shook, September 29th is your moment. It’s going down all day — and at some places all weekend. Go’n ‘head and treat yo’self:

By Ayanna Thompson


1. Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme is at the top of our list, giving us all the life because they are honoring coffee lovers all weekend long. Get any free hot or iced drink once a day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


2. Cinnabon
Also coming through with a free 12 oz. coffee, no strings attached, Cinnabon has you covered all day today. Coffee and the sweet, gooey deliciousness of a warm cinnamon roll? That’s most definitely the move.


3. Dunkin’ Donuts
While Dunkin’s not giving away free coffee, per se (we know, we know), they are offering a BOGO deal, so close enough. Grab your squad, make it an after-school date, and revel in their bomb fall flavors — maple pecan? Yes, please!


4. 7-Eleven
Not a rewards member yet? If there was any day to become one, this is it, so download the app to your phone and get your freebie, girl! Unlike their annual free Slurpee day on July 11,  your free coffee can be of any size — now through Sunday.



5. Einstein Brothers Bagels
Bagels and coffee are classic #relationshipgoals. If you missed a taste this morning, stop by on your way home from school for an afternoon pick me up. After all, it’s Friday — you can’t let this tiring week keep you from hitting the party scene. Or, at least hitting up a movie or two with your crew.



So, there you have ’em: Our top picks for National Coffee Day.  But best believe, there are a ton of other offers out there, especially at your local joints. Get out and explore with your squad and hit us up with your National Coffee Day pics on Instagram and Twitter!

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