12 Valentine’s Day Dance-Worthy Dresses to #Werk This Year

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and the only thing standing between you and your school’s Valentine’s Day dance is the task of finding the perfect dress. If you’ve been going back and forth about what to wear this year, you’re in luck because we’ve just made things a whole lot little easier!

Peep our top 12 picks of dresses that will have you looking LOVELY on Valentine’s Day.

VD Chic Wish

1. Chic Wish ($68)

VD Choies

2. Choies ($39)

VD Zara

3. Zara ($26)



VD Nordstrom

4. Nordstrom ($46)


5. ASOS ($72)

VD TopShop Nordstrom

6. Nordstrom ($155)

VD Lily's

7. Lily Boutique ($42)
VD Kohls
8. Kohl’s ($47)
VD Modcloth1
9. ModCloth ($100)
10. ModCloth ($70)
11. H&M, ($60)
VD TopShop
12. TopShop, ($70)

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